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Nada J. Yorke
Nada Yorke, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is co-owner of Yorke Consulting, which specializes in helping organizations optimize their potential through staff and management training, leadership development and strategic planning. As a Social Worker she is passionate about training organizations to empower, engage and motivate their staff and the clientele they serve. Her managerial, program development and case management courses have received high ratings as participants found her training to be both engaging and effective in promoting positive change within their organizations. Yorke Consulting was retained in 2015 to assist the Community Corrections Partnership of Kern County develop a strategic plan to address prison realignment issues under AB109.

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Richard Yorke
Richard has served in public safety service for twenty-nine years. He has held positions as a Probation Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Police Lieutenant and Security Manager for an International Corporation. He is a practitioner of servant leadership and is passionate to coach and mentor others to discover and use their talents and gifts for developing other leaders.

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