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"This program has been invaluable in so many aspects of my life. The knowledge that I have gained extends far beyond just intimate relationships. It pertains to all aspects of life’s other relationships, friends, family, co-workers, etc. I find I am a better person for it and can be proud."

– Mike M.

"Great job in really utilizing Zoom and still give some in-person elements that helped the learning process."

– Russ T.

"Thank you all who are involved in the effort to helping people out. Not only are you helping the individual in your programs, but their families at home. "

– Anonymous Victim Feedback

"I found Mrs. Yorke to be a great online instructor and I would suggest she be used for future trainings. "

– Probation Webinar Participant

"I have worked for California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for over 27 years in various custody ranks at multiple correctional facilities. I attended a 40 hour course by Nada and was very impressed with her knowledge and teaching skills. I highly recommend Nada as a facilitator, consultant and or resource for anyone considering her services. "

– Mike A.

"Nada is highly respected in the community for being a go-getter. She is incredibly motivated, professional and highly qualified to work with any designated population - especially criminology."

– Arlene W.

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