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Death by PowerPoint—How to avoid the trap of “paint by number” deliveries!!
In this day of shrinking budgets and training monies, many law enforcement agencies have turned to “in-house” trainers to satisfy core requirements for their personnel. While many trainers will have “subject matter expertise (SME)”, this doesn’t always translate into effective and interesting trainings. This 2-day course is designed to help SME trainers enhance their delivery of the subject matter to increase the participant’s interest and application of the material. Participants will learn how to design their courses to ensure objectives are met, how to effectively use apply adult-learning principles, and other course enhancing techniques. As a bonus, participants will also learn how to improve their professional public presentations.

Developing Yourself as an Expert Witness
In order to offer “an opinion” in the courtroom a person must possess the “special knowledge, skill, experience, training and education” (EC 802). This 2-day course will help participants develop their curricula vitae and learn how to deliver effective expert testimony. This course includes a practicum component.

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