Another Way...Choosing to Change
Participant's Handbook
Another Way...Choosing to Change (Participant's Handbook) 
A 52-Week Batterer Intervention Curriculum
Another Way...Choosing to Change: Participant’s Handbook supports
individuals as they progress through a facilitator-led, strengths-based,
solution-focused batterer intervention program. The handbook presents
participants with an intentional and strategic collection of questions and
exercises designed to support transformational learning and promote
empathy building.

This unique curriculum combines evidence-based clinical practices with
adult learning principles to promote changes in the thoughts, feelings,
and actions of participants. It educates participants on what constitutes abusive behaviors, encourages introspection, promotes personal responsibility for abusive behaviors, and teaches non-violent conflict resolution.

The handbook progresses in tandem with the 52-week curriculum, pro-
viding participants with weekly interventions and actionable goals. Cop-
ing skills, spiritual and emotional healing, relationship management,
parenting, socialization, recovery from trauma, mindfulness and relaxation,
and personal growth, among a number of other topics, are explored in a
group setting, allowing for meaningful discussion and support.

Another Way...Choosing to Change is an exemplary curriculum to
rehabilitate domestic violence offenders and, in doing so, increase safety
and empathy for victims of violence.
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