Another Way...Choosing to Change
Facilitator's Guide
Another Way...Choosing to Change:
A 52-Week Batterer Intervention Curriculum
The goal of any batterer intervention program is to stop violent behaviors; but just as important is the transformation of the participant’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to eliminate all forms of abuse in their interpersonal relationships.

Utilizing a strengths-based, cognitive-behavioral, and solution-focused approach, this trauma-informed, 52-week batterer intervention curriculum and program design addresses mindfulness, attachment issues; and when used as designed, the facilitator will be able to see higher retention rates and identifiable changes in participants' thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

This unique program design incorporates adult learning principles and activities to impart information which will
  • Educate the participant on what constitutes abusive behaviors;
  • Stimulate introspection;
  • Promote personal responsibility for abusive behaviors, and;
  • Teach non-violent conflict resolution.

Some of the sessions are packed with activity and discussion, while others are designed to stimulate deeper introspection. This design helps in keeping the participant’s interest and often they don’t even realize that two-hours has elapsed. Ultimately, it is anticipated that the participant will develop and demonstrate empathy for those they have victimized.
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